UA AZ - Translational Research in Alzheimer’s Disease & related Dementias Training Program

A new generation of translational researchers

Drug development strategies for neurodegenerative diseases focusing on a singular origin and pathological endpoint have failed. Neurodegenerative diseases are now recognized as multi-factorial – not treatable by a one-size-fits-all approach.

Heralding a new age of systems biology-driven drug discovery is the accessibility of multi ‘omics data, near instant availability of millions of electronic medical records, and innovations in machine-learning and high-performance computing. Yet few graduate programs are preparing students to succeed and lead in this new reality. 

Funded by a 5-year, $1.8 million NIH Grant, “(T32AG061897)” and in partnership with UA’s Clinical and Translational Sciences program, the Translational Research on Alzheimer’s Disease and AD-Related Dementias (AZ-TRADD) is creating a new cohort of cross-disciplinary students able to navigate the translational landscape from target discovery to clinical trial execution, while also cultivating the professional skills required to lead team science in the 21st century.

Patient Inspired

Guided by the insight that each patient’s unique biology and life history holds the keys to discovering the therapeutic best suited to them, our students begin their program by listening and learning from neurodegenerative patients and their caregivers. 

Data Driven

Problem-based learning approaches prepare our students to navigate and fuse multiple data-streams from electronic medical records to cutting-edge genomics and molecular level computational simulations. Working together in dedicated innovation teams, each cohort will focus on delivering the right therapeutic for the right patient at the right time. 

If you share our vision and meet our programs eligibility requirements, consider submitting your application.


Program benefits include: intensive mentoring in drug development, full stipend, professional development, and paid summer internships with leading industry and not-for-profit groups.

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AZ-TRADD is supported by a five year National Institutes on Aging T32 Award (T32-AG061897)